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AA’s - Abbreviation for Authors Alterations. These are chargeable changes made by the client to a file after it has been submitted for printing

Bleed - The extra amount of printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of a sheet

Booklet Envelope - An envelope that opens on the long side (see also catalog envelope)

BRC - Business Reply Card. A card generally supplied with some sort of marketing material to a customer or client to fill out and send back to you, usually postage-free to the client. There are specific postal regulations that must be adhered to in creating a business reply card

C1S Paper - Paper that is coated on one side only. Often used for postcards

Caliper - The thickness of paper, usually expressed in thousandths of an inch (mils)

Catalog Envelope - An envelope with the opening on the shorter edge (see also booklet envelope)

CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Also referred to as process ink

Coated Paper - Paper that has received a coating during manufacturing to produce a smooth image. The finish can run from dull coated to cast coated which would be a high gloss sheet

CTP - Computer-to-Plate. The process of sending an electronic file for printing from a computer to be images to a printing plate without the use of film

Deboss - An image that is pressed into a sheet of paper (see also emboss)

DPI - Dots per Inch – the measure of the resolution of a screen image or a printed page

Double-thick - A heavy weight paper that is formed by pasting 2 sheets of the same paper back to back (See also Duplex)

Dummy - A set of blank pages set up to show the size, shape, form and general construction of a printed piece

Duo-tone - A two color halftone reproduction from a one color photograph

Duplex - A heavy weight paper that is formed by pasting 2 sheets, usually with different colors and or finishes on each side.

Emboss - An image that is raised from the surface of the paper (see also deboss)

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council - The Forest Stewardship council is a non-profit international organization devoted to the responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable way. The FSC, through independent third party audits, guarantees that 10 principles and 57 criteria addressing legal issues, indigenous rights, labor rights, social and economic benefits and environmental impact of responsible forestry are met by all landowners and companies before they can receive FSC Certification. The FSC logo on products, packaging, and labels allows consumers to recognize products that support the growth of responsible forest management. RAM Printing is an FSC Certified Printer.

Grain - The direction that most of the fibers in a sheet of paper run. Paper can run grain long (with the fibers parallel to the long edge of a sheet) or grain short (with the fibers running papralell to the short edge of the sheet). Knowing the grain direction is important as it is best to keep any folds on a printed piece running with the grain to avoid cracking.

Gripper Edge - The leading edge of paper as it passes through a printing press

Gripper Margin - Unprintable blank edge of paper that is “gripped” as it is pulled through the press

HP#5000 - Hewlett Packard 5000. The CMYK digital proofing equipment used at RAM

Indicia - The mark in the upper corner of an envelope that indicates the way a piece should mail, and the permit number the postage will be charged to

Kerning - The amount of space between letters in a word

Leading - The amount of space between lines of type

Offset - The transfer of ink from the back of one sheet to the front of another in a stack of paper

PE - Printer’s Error. An error on a proof that is caused by the printer and is corrected at no cost to a client

Perfecting - The printing of a sheet of paper on both sides in just one pass through the press. RAM Printing has 1/1 color perfecting capabilities

PMS Color - Pantone Matching System. The printing industry standard for identifying special colors other than CMYK

Point - The size of a letter of type. There are approximately 72 points to an inch.

Saddle Stitching - A form of book binding that requires 4 page signatures which are then bound with wire (stitches or staples). This is the binding method used on most magazines.

Score - A line or impression made in a sheet of paper that breaks or weakens the fibers to make folding easier

Self Cover - A book whose cover and text pages are all printed on the same kind of paper

Sheetwise - To print one side of a sheet of paper with one set of plates then turn it over and print the backside as a second pass through the press with another set of plates

Stock - The paper used for a printing project

Stripping - Imposing pages as they will run on a press sheet

Uncoated Paper - Paper that has not received any coating during the manufacturing process. Uncoated paper can come in many finishes and textures such as smooth, wove, linen, laid, antiqued and columned.

Wire-o Binding - A type of binding where a continuous series of double looks are wrapped through a series of punched slots on the binding edge of a book.

Wire Side - The side of a sheet of paper that is in contact with the wire belt during manufacturing. All sheets of paper have a wire side and a smooth side. This is most noticeable in textured sheets of paper.

Work and Tumble - Printing one side of a sheet of paper, showing both the front and back images of the item, then flipping the sheet head over foot and sending it though the press again to print the second side with the same set of plates

Work and Turn - Printing one side of a sheet of paper, showing both the front and back images of the item, then flipping the sheet over from left to right and sending it though the press again to print the second side with the same set of plates

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